X-Country Skiing…for the FIRST Time

My body aches. My muscles are in pain. I LOVED ALL OF IT! Today, Aaron and I went X-Country skiing together…we just bought our first pair of skiies, boots, etc. I was a bit hesitant because this can be a pain-inducing sport…but, I think after the pain, it will all be worth it.  We live near a mountain, and in fact, can see it from our driveway, just over the tip top of the trees…it is Mt. Schweitzer. This mountain offers amazing downhill, cross-country and snow shoeing, just to name a few things to do up there. Many have condos there, as well. Today, we set out to try out the skiis. What a beautiful day of silent snow falling, swishing in the ski track and eventually, reaching our destination – Picnic Point…here is a picture of us at that point:


Ok, I look a bit tired because I did NOT sleep well last night – my blankets kept falling onto the floor…so, excuse the tired eyes. Back to skiing…behind us you can see part of Lake Pend O’reille and if the camera was turned a bit to the right, your right, you would see parts of downtown Sandpoint.  When we first got up there, it was snowing. My toes were numb and I wasn’t sure why.  Soon, I realized I wasn’t doing the ski stride correctly.  As soon as this was remedied, my toes sort of started thawing out. It is nice, because there exists a professional, deepish x-country ski track and when I got really tired, I popped in there and swooshed along.  Aaron and I took turns doing that. Yes, we both fell, but it wasn’t too bad, really. Just took some getting used to – the feel and movement of x-country skiing.  Aaron took another picture of me atop the hill:


The funnest part of this type of skiing is the enjoyment of the surrounding woods, the nearly-silent environment and the downhills…you truly “earn” those downhills after slodging up a big hill…makes the skiing feel like an accomplishment.  I just loved the experience and this is something Aaron and I started because we want to do something together.  The kids are getting older and our older ones stay with our youngest and well, it is real nice getting out with my guy and doing stuff. We both realized how fun it is just to get out and fall down and laugh and spend time together. It was a neat experience.


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