Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

You know, I have not ever been too gifted with making yeast rolls, breads, etc.  However, I am getting better. I’ve realized that (for me) it takes practice, practice, and more, yes, you guessed it – practice. I’m feeling more confident in using yeast.  This evening, I’ve made up some dough for overnight cinnamon rolls.  Here is the first picture:


Above, the dought is rising and after this picture was taken, it had doubled from that size. I then, rolled out the dough, spread melted butter on it, and a mixture of brownsugar, a tad of melted butter, and cinnamon. I sprinkled that mixture all over the top.  Then, I rolled up the dough into a tube shape and cut out about 18 pieces and here is the final product:


After being in the fridge overnight, I will bake them and then, glaze them with frosting.  So, I will take a picture of the final product tomorrow morning. Bonne Nuit!


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