Chef Eli (with brownies and overnight cinnamon rolls)

Chef Eli and I just whipped some brownies together. Fitting for the task, he wore his apron and chef’s hat he received for Christmas. It fits perfectly!  So, thank you to whomever gifted us with this most adorable cooking attire. Since Christmas, Eli has wanted to bake something with his baking set, he also received two days ago. We are pretty sure Auntie Sarah gave this to him – thank you, Auntie Sarah and kiddos! So, about 45 minutes ago, Eli made his first bakery item – brownies of course ;), and now, we await their delicate, chocolatey taste.  First, here is Chef Eli:


And now, here is the first look at the brownies…not done at all. I ran out of cocoa powder half way through and added melted chocolate chips. I use whole wheat pastry flour and it seems to work pretty well.  


Another project I am working on is overnight cinnamon rolls. This recipe also, calls for whole wheat pastry flour. I like this flour because it is a finely ground flour and whole wheat. The taste is actually pretty good and using it in cookies, I think it is better than all-purpose flour.  So, Eli and I bloomed the yeast and added flour, honey, salt and flour and this is what we have for this project, thus far:


We will roll out the dough, add some cinnamon and brown sugar, atop some melted butter, roll up into a long tube, cut out the cinnamon rolls, drizzle with a decadent caramalized sugar syrup and then, place in fridge to rise even more, overnight.  Tomorrow morning, the baking will take place and then, the frosting. 

Ok, back to the brownies…they are baking nicely and here is the finished product:


a bit done on the sides but we shall see how they taste…smell good 🙂



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