Where do We Get our Milk?

Just this morning it dawned on me that I haven’t talked much about where we get our milk. For about 1.5 years now, we have, every Wednesday, picked up two jars of milk at Eli’s old school. A farmer up in Bonner’s Ferry (about 25 miles North of us) brings the milk down and drops it at the school. The milk is straight from the cow, milked that morning, delivered to us. Now, the best part for me is the heavy cream, on the top. The farmer told me one day that a local doctor specifically asks for this cream for his coffee. He said I should try it. Oh my goodness – no need to buy heavy cream from the grocery any longer (at least I don’t want to) The cream has this unique, creamy, natural flavor. The top of the milk (before shaken) is thick and there is about two-three inches of cream there. I skim it off and put it in my coffee. Once I’ve taken the cream, we shake up the jar and pour it in another pitcher. This is full-fat milk; right from the cow; farmer tells me nothing added to the cow’s feed, antibiotics, growth-hormones, etc. It is a very small dairy up there and we will keep getting milk as long as Farmer Bob provides it 🙂  Here is a picture of the jar:


Here is an up-close picture of the thick cream:


Test subject #321, Custard, lapping up the cream:


Suffice to say, before I knew that this cream was the bomb in coffee, I used other stuff. Not sure how this affects my arteries and what not but it sure tastes good.  

With this being the day after Christmas, now I shift focus to this week of skiing, snow boarding, boot shopping and other break-type things. The kids and I are on break this week from our schooling.  I haven’t mentioned in previous posts, but I homeschool and have done so for the last nine years. That post if for another day. 


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