Below Zero.

This morning I WANTED to go out and feed the goats, chickens and other assorted animals we have because it is *officially* below zero up here. Not since living here, of what I can recall, has it hit below zero. With two minor upper layers, a warmer one and finally, my huge, heavy coat (with leg warmers, my Ugg boots) and gloves, I went outside to see what it feels like to be out in below zero temperatures. It was frigid but not so bad, due to all my layers of clothing.  My biggest concern since this cold snap has hit is that our bantams (smaller breed chicken) would not be able to withstand the dropping temps.  They now reside with the goats in the heated ,small shed. Additionally, there is lots of hay in the shed to keep them animals warm. The bantams sometimes burrow into the hay, leaving small, round indentations, which of course, looks like a small nest. Anyway, all animals (chickens and goats) were fine and were quite receptive to the all-stock feed and sweet oats I fed them.  

Here is the thermometer reading: -1.3 F


When I got up it was actually -2.1 F, so, things are warming up! It’s funny, because last week, when it was 14 degrees, I thought how balmy and nice it would feel if it were 30 degrees. Now, I fondly recall the tropical 14 degree weather. 

One other thing about these cold temps – our chicken door scrapes the ice-encrusted dirt where it becomes nearly impossible, each morning, to open that door. Each day, we must use a pick-ax to chisel out the ice and dirt from under the door, just to open it. Another aspect of living in a very, very icy, cold climate, far North.

With Christmas around the corner, things are getting busy up here. It has been so much fun getting the tree, wrapping presents, sending boxes to family in different states, trudging through the snow to the mailbox to check on mail, baking, and all together, preparing for the most special celebration of our year – the birth of Jesus, our Savior. Many Christmas blessings and wishes to you and your family.


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