Getting the Christmas Tree

Eli and I ventured out into the wilderness today and got our Christmas Tree. (well, maybe not so rough into the wilderness) but we found a 7′ tree and now, the house smells amazing. But, let me back up. There is a place up North here called, “Christmas Tree Land.” Wonderful acres of trees. We took a hay ride into the fields and were dropped off somewhere out in the middle of the tree farm. We got lost out there for a bit of time, walking through and smelling the amazing Noble Fir trees; feeling their soft needles and just enjoying the experience of finding a tree. Here is a picture of the farm:


The snow-covered mountains are in the background. The snow line dips nearly to the valley floor but no snow is accumulating down here. Yet. Our tree ended up being in an obscure part of the farm, surrounded by smaller trees. It stood out magestically, and when I saw it, I knew it was the one. 


We will wait for Daddy and the older boys to come home to decorate it. Love the smell of Noble Fir Trees!


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