Making Homemade Tea

I’m going to make tea. Yes, even buy the tea bags, mix up the blend, fill the bags and then steep a nice cup of tea. Mint is a great starter tea. Mint is good for digestion and overall, a refreshing tea. 

Another recipe I will try is called Tranquil tea.  Here is the recipe:

  • 4 parts chamomile
  • 2 parts lemon grass
  • 2 parts rose petals
  1. Add all the herbs to a glass jar and shake until they are completely mixed.
  2. Use one teaspoon of tisane for a single serving (about 8 oz). Add your desired amount to a tea strainer or teapot. Cover with boiling water a let steep for at least 5 minutes or up to 10.
  3. Add a touch of raw honey or a tiny pinch of stevia for a hint of sweetness to bring out the flavors. (taken from

I love the combination of rose petals and chamomile. Lemon grass adds a little twist. The chamomile does the calming. Lately, pretty-much every night before bed, my kids ask me to make them “sleepytime” tea – I think we get it from Twinnings or some such company. Thinking on it more I figured I could make something up myself. There are so many possibilities – combining mint and chamomile; mint and lemon grass; or, a straight cup of mint tea.



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