Ahhhhh, Summer…..

Fondly, I recall our hours on the lake. They were amazing. Beautiful. Glorious. Clear skies, calm water – it was wonderful to push off from the dock, crawl out of the 5MPH zone and then, throttle up and speed off.  The smells of pine trees – seriously – coming form the shoreline. The warm breeze blowing over us as we jetted across the lake. Right now, as I stand in our kitchen, on a cold November morning, I think on those moments, on the lake. The exploring we did on the various islands dotting Lake Pend O’reille. Pulling up to the sandy beach, getting out, and walking around an island filled with archaeoligical finds – etchings on a rock wall from thousands of years ago. Pictures of deer and letters that must have formed words in the person’s language, so long ago. Fossilized ferns and small animals. What an exploration we were on as we scoured the island; we being the only ones. Alas, I now look out the window and snow is a whisper away. I can feel it. But, how nice that I found this picture and can re-live those wonderful summer moments.



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