Goat Escape

The goats are really determined AND strong. When they purpose to get out of their HUGE goat-fenced area, they usually make it. It happens as I am closing the door – one of the goats puts their horns in between the frame and door and then, push through and power out. They are strong. Once one comes out, it is a goat stampede. Yesterday, Snickers was the first to get out. I managed to keep him at bay…but then, when going back to coral him in, I opened the door and Mr. Tumnus pushed his way out and Nibbles and then, Buttercup. Only Knighthawk was left inside. Well, as Hayden said, “Mom, we can’t leave him in there – he wants to join the party.” So, I let Knighthawk out also.  Here is video of the goats already out and then Hayden and Sophie bringing them back in:

The goats got out and started eating leaves from a maple-like tree. They loved them! They made their way to the old goat house but then came back, being lured by grain. 

Also during that morning was the sunshine! We have not seen the sun for almost three weeks. Just standing in it felt good. 


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