This morning I was out and about. With the recent rains, morning jogs have been pushed to the back burner. But this morning, there was a break in the rain. Puddles were still around but the dirt road I run on was fairly solid and not muddy. So, out I went…img_2771

Trees are turning beautiful colors. The rolling, dark clouds in the distance portend rain and wind.  


Along the route I take, there are always my faithful friends, ready and waiting, at the fence…


this is an imposing bull looking at the females, which are across the road from him. He really intimidates me. Had to get a picture.


Finally, I love this cow because she has such distinct colors of light brown and white. Her baby is the same color! I like that you can definitely tell they are related:


I leave you with a picture of one of our goats, Buttercup. She is a stubborn girl and quite independent but produces beautiful babies! Will show one of hers, later:



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