(Original)First Post on Blog!

It is a curious place, where we live up here.  The seasons are varied as are the people.  There is a long bridge that leads into town and once it is crossed, one enters another world, or so this is how I look at it.  We arrived here 1.5 years ago, the Norling clan of five from Maryland.  Being used to the shopping malls, parks, highways and 26 outdoor pools, was our norm of life.  All that one needed was within five-minutes distance.  Such is not the case up here.  It is a rugged place where we live. The people are toughened by the many winters they must endure.  I am so not even roughened that I crawl along on icy-covered roads while locals cruise along without touching the brakes. At first, when October welcomed us to this part of the country, the trees were multi-colored and the wind was warm.  Such a lovely mix of rain, wind and sun.  Locals at the feed store (a place I know well now) would gauge if a bad winter was coming by how bad the last winter was…every winter seemed to be forecast to be the same as the one before it 🙂  So, here we arrived, on a latitude so North and high, I didn’t realize how cold the air could actually get.

Ok, so what about the people? the land up here? the opportunities?  Let me say that year round, there are many things to do. LOTS OF THINGS!  In the winter, we ski, snowshoe and cross-country ski.  Proper gear, i.e., clothes, is vital.  I have a pair of UGG boots which are invaluable to me – they have sheep wool on the inside! At first, I was not too thrilled about winter, but now, I love it!  And yes, I even drive at a normal speed on snow-covered and icy roads.  My favorite season is probably summer turning into fall, if such a season exists…the season between seasons.  This is when the air temps cool and the running weather up here is ideal.  Love this time of year.  Spring and Summer are also wonderful AND the nights cool down in the summer! Back East, the nights often didn’t cool down in the Summer.

The people are so varied here…loggers, outdoorsy types, professional types, skiers and pretty much ALL transplants from another city or state.  It is nice getting to know the neighbors who have been here for 26 years, down the road, while the people next door, just moved in.  People stay to themselves up here, too. We don’t mind because we like our privacy, also.  Each person really loves the outdoors up here, too. Often, skiers, runners, walkers, bikers and just plain being outdoors, one sees no matter what season.

As I think more on living up here, I will post.  For now, this is what comes to mind.


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